About Us

A brief history of FOCHO

FOCHO was launched in 2010 to promote the Harrison & Harrison organ in the Caird Hall, Dundee, which is one of the most significant concert hall organs in the UK. It was the firm’s first concert hall organ, and unlike many other instruments of its period it remains substantially in original condition. Dundee City Council, as custodian of the instrument, was keen to ensure its long-term future and encouraged the setting up of a friends organisation to assist with promotion and fundraising. Since its launch, FOCHO has promoted a regular and varied series of public concerts using the instrument and has raised tens of thousands of pounds which have been put towards maintenance work on the instrument, funding new equipment and sponsoring regular tunings. It has also supported a wide-ranging education programme which has introduced the instrument to over 3,000 schoolchildren from Dundee, Angus, Perthshire and Fife.

Our aims and objectives

The advancement of education in the field of organ music and the advancement of the arts, heritage and culture through the preservation and promotion of the Caird Hall Organ by fostering contact among all those interested in the Caird Hall Organ, promoting the use of the Caird Hall Organ in recitals, concerts and other musical and educational activities, and increasing financial security for the future.

Our funders and partners

We work with a number of partners who support our work in different ways. Our funders have included: